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New Patient Journey During COVID 19

New patient journey during COVID 19

Instructions that we are giving to all patients on booking an appointment:

We are screening all patients for Covid 19 and asking all patients the following questions on booking and again on arrival:

Question 1: Have you tested positive for COVID 19 in the last 7 days?

Question 2: Are you waiting for a COVID test, or the results of a recent test to return?

Question 3: Do you have any of the following symptoms:

  • new continuous cough
  • high temperature or fever (we will check with a contact free thermometer on arrival)
  • loss of, or change in the sense of taste or smell?

Question 4: Do you live with someone who has either tested positive for COVID 19 or had symptoms of COVID in the last 14 days? (self-isolating)

Question 5: Have you been notified by NHS test and trace in the last 14 days that you are a contact of a person who has tested positive for COVID and do you not live with that person

Question 6: Have you been issued with a shielding letter or consider yourself to be classed as clinically vulnerable?

We will give out the following instructions so that patients are aware of the new patient journey, there are a lot of instructions to take in and we can email this document to them or ask them to look on the website for the list if they do not have an email address.

  1. Arrive for your appointment time only a few minutes early
  2. If you are arriving by car, pull up in the practice car park, stay in your car and call the practice to let us know you have arrived.
  3. if you are arriving on foot please call the practice from near the front entrance (the door is locked) and keep 2 metres away from the door as patients may be leaving. (1 metre distance from 6th July)
  4. The waiting areas and toilet facilities here at the practice are currently out of use so bear that in mind before you attend.
  5. If you have a face covering of your own, please wear that. If not, we will provide you one on entering.
  6. There is no need to wear gloves as we have to sanitise your hands, we cannot assume the gloves you wear are clean and have not touched any other surfaces.
  7. If the person before you has left and we have disinfected everything we will call you back or wave you over to the entrance.
  8. We will open the door for you and ask you to stand by the table.
  9. We will take your temperature with a contact free thermometer
  10. We will ask you to read and check your Medical History form (without touching) which will be in a wipeable cover.
  11. We will make amendments on your behalf if any are needed, and sign it for you on this occasion to avoid you touching the paper and pen (have your reading glasses ready if you need them, we do have a magnifying lens on the table if needed (we tried with reading glasses but the wipes we use make the glass very misty when the detergent dries)
  12. You will be asked to place all of your belongings into a plastic container that the nurse will take with her to the surgery for your appointment.
  13. We will then ask you to sanitise your hands and then avoid touching anything, especially your face.
  14. The nurse will ask you into the surgery, taking your box of belongings with her, where the nurse will open the door.
  15. It is important that your face covering is kept in place and only removed when the dentist is ready to look in your mouth. Please keep it in place whilst talking and walking around the practice.
  16. Once the appointment is completed, the nurse will ask you to take your items from the box, she will open the door and ask you to make your way back to reception.
  17. If a payment is needed to be taken, we will either take contactless payment if it is under £45, or ask you to go to your car and we will call you and take payment over the phone.
  18. If a further treatment appointment is required, we will add you to our priority list and we will contact you to arrange a suitable time once we have the correct PPE and surgery availability to do this safely.
  19. If treatment is needed 2 treatment plans will be printed out, one will be handed to you to keep, the other we will sign on your behalf and scan it into your notes, if they come out after you have left the building we will pop a copy in the post so that you are aware of the treatment cost for your return visit.
  20. If a routine appointment is needed, we can make this with you over the phone when we call to take payment or you can call us when you return home to book in again for your examination.
  21. You will be asked to sanitise your hands again on leaving and a team member will unlock the door and let you out.
  22. There is a bin near the front door for you to dispose of your face covering if we have provided it for you.

Many thanks for your loyalty, patience and co-operation during these unprecedented times.

Transport Links

We have on site parking and a public pay and display opposite which is free at certain times (check signs for info).

We are also a 2min walk from Uttoxeter bus station and 10 min walk from train station.

New Patients

Once you have had a New Patient appointment time allocated to you at the practice, we ask all new patients to download the following forms: Medical History, Data Protection and Patient Information Communication and return them to us.